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First week in the Netherlands

We can’t believe today marks our very first week in the Netherlands. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

So far it’s been nothing but a pleasure and a blessing. It was a shock to us when we landed at Schiphol Airport and nobody was wearing a mask as back in South Africa it is still compulsory to wear masks. But obviously we don’t mind that, it means more freedom 😉 For now, we are staying at an Airbnb apartment in Sittard. Sittard is a small city in the Netherlands, situated in the southern province of Limburg.

We have been to our new favorite city (Maastricht) twice and we absolutely love it. The vibe, the people, the restaurants, cafes, fashion boutiques and all the PINKY shops where you can buy a fresh warm waffle. I mean, what more do you want? We shared a warm PINKY waffle topped with Nutella today and it was delicious. We savored every single bite.

Heinrich starts to work next week and we are very excited about that. We love routine and can not wait to move into our little house beginning of April. I will also then be meeting my midwife who will take care and support me during my pregnancy, labour and birth. At this stage I am planning a home birth if everything goes well. Plans might change later but we will have to wait and see. At this stage I am taking it day by day. I enjoy every moment of this amazing journey so far. It’s such a huge privilege and blessed from above. We will also be starting our Dutch lessons soon, so hopefully within a month we will be able to say basic words and sentences.

Well, that’s all for now. Chat to you again soon xx

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